Working with discarded items, plastic trash the  persistence of which is a problem in a landfill, and transforming it into something ephemeral and treasured is inherently hopeful . I continue to be touched by the reaction of the public to this elegantly simple process and its results. Click here for a more complete slideshow of my 10 years in recycled plastic.                                                                             

I love the transforming power of play. I give my materials breathing room to surprise me so that my finished pieces have a life and opinion of their own. What appears to be a faceted stone is in reality layered Italian glass. A transparent glass-like petal is really made of recycled plastic happily juxtaposed with silver and semi-precious stones. In both my florals and my jewelry I embrace movement: charms jump through hoops of glass; flower petals uncoil in a playful dance in mid-air. Ultimately, my work is about the tension between struggle and beauty, the hope on that horizon. It is that joy I wish to pass on to you.